Landscape and placement of outdoor features have an environmental impact as important as the placement and design of the home itself. A poorly designed landscape can wreak havoc on neighboring properties, on mini eco systems, and on water bills. We wanted a healthy balance between an environmentally friendly yard and a lush landscape. Our landscape designer, Jim Martinez, knows how to mix the two.

Our neighborhood is full of trees and we wanted to further that theme in our yard. Jim designed two groves of trees, plus large, lush beds of native and adapted plantings.

Other elements include a meditation garden, a small plunge pool, and a patio for entertaining. The design of the house also created a small courtyard between the two buildings and a mini-garden that is visible from the master suite.

All of these features are designed in an environmentally friendly manner. We’re using materials (plant and otherwise) that allow rainwater to soak in rather than run off, reflect light and heat rather than absorb it, provide shade in the summer and sun in the winter, and discourage damage by termites and other pests.

Jim has been creating water wise and environmentally friendly landscapes for over 30 years. He lives and works in both Dallas and Marfa, Texas, where he has created many gardens. Jim collaborates with his business and life partner Jim Fissel who regulates his distractions from the “golden mean” and helps elevate the design process to its highest form.

Among many accolades, most recently a few of Jim’s Marfa gardens were highlighted in an article titled Desert Mystique in the April 2008 issue of Garden Design magazine.

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